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Carla has been working professionally in the performing arts industry for over 15 years as a singer, actor and voice over artist.

Since graduating from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Theatre, Carla has taught for many performing arts schools around Melbourne, including her former position as Associate Head of Music at The Children’s Performing Company of Australia (CPCA).

Carla has helped students prepare and successfully audition for some of the major performing arts courses in the country including WAAPA and VCA, and has also worked with students as they make the transition from full time Musical Theatre / Acting student, to auditioning for and working in professional productions. Carla also enjoys working with students who have chosen not to pursue singing / performing as a career, but are serious about their craft.


In her singing lessons, Carla combines her experience as both a singer and actor to help her students work on all aspects of singing and performing. Carla believes in creating a solid foundation based on safe vocal technique, and specialises in helping Musical Theatre students approach material as ‘a singing actor’.

In addition to singing lessons, Carla also works with the spoken voice for actors and public speakers, to help students meet the demands on their voice in a safe and sustainable way. Carla also enjoys helping actors to break down their script to understand the motivations and intentions of their character, and offers one on one acting coaching and monologue preparation on demand.

Whether you are a professional voice user, or a dedicated singer / actor with a passion for your craft, Carla will provide you with the tools to help you realise your vocal goals in a relaxed and nurturing environment.


Lessons are available at Carla’s St Kilda studio and at Centrestage in Brunswick East.


Contact Carla for more information. 


PH: 0411 243 703 / Email:


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